Safe Mode boot address

What address does Safe Mode boot from? Does it boot from the Factory backup section (0x80E0000)?

I need to modify the safe mode program to allow for local wifi loading of the firmware.

It boots the same code as with a normal boot - system firmware at 0x8020000. The key difference is the application binary isn’t loaded.

The system firmware includes the ability to flash firmware via serial using the YModem protocol.

Bummer. I was hoping not to have to hack into the system firmware.

Is there a way to load an alternate application? For instance to have the system firmware load the application from 0x80C0000 or 0x80E0000?

We have the ymodem protocol, and it’s implemented as a stream protocol, so it wouldn’t take a huge effort for you to also create a TCP Server so that the firmware can be flashed OTA. We’d be happy to consider merging a pull request with this.

What’s your use case here - any reason why flashing new firmware via the Cloud or via USB isn’t workable?

We do not know if we will have internet service where our devices are installed. We need to be able to upgrade locally. We certainly could do serial, but it it much more convenient to do it over WiFi. Our devices may not be readily accessible.

Plus, if we can upgrade over WiFi that allows upgrades from a phone or tablet.