Running Median by Rob Tillaart

I have been using the excellent Running Median library by Rob Tillaart for about a month. I have been using it as a method to remove outliers when collecting DHT11 data. In the last week the library has been locked out, or a least I cannot use/compile it and there is a lock icon by the title. BTW, Rob’s Running Average works and is available. Any idea why Running Median is locked out ?

I don’t see a reason why, but I’d suspect this is a glitch with Web IDE (I can’t peek the library either) but with CLI I can still download and use the library.

Maybe something to ping @rickkas7

I need to use a running median and don’t use the CLI. I use
RunningMedian is still locked and can’t be used or seen at all.
Can someone please create a median filter that is not locked?

@stevempotter, you could copy the original code from the github repo into tabs on your Web IDE project and go from there.

I will look into why the current library is locked out.


The library only has one version, but it’s a private library, which is why it has the lock icon and you can’t open or use it. I’m a little confused why anyone can see the library at all.

Since it was never published by the author I can’t really just go and switch it to be public, but since it does come from a public Github repository the easiest thing to do is just include the two files directly in your own project.