[Resolved] blocking DHT22 Library causing issue [use non blocking version]

Hey all,

Hoping someone can help me out with this, not sure what is happening or where to look! I started off with the DHT22 library in the web IDE, modified it a bit (took a couple things out and converted from delay to millis loop) and added a couple spark variables.

Not sure if this library is the blocking version or the nonblocking one I have read about here in the forums. I have been looking at the core via serial and there are no error outputs, it just stops working at some random point (20 minutes or 20 hours, it never usually makes it more than a day).

The cores were JUST purchased so the firmware should be all up to date.

Anyone able to tell me where I should be going to figure this out?

Thank you,


Ensure you are using the PietteTech library :


Yeah I was thinking about that but people in there were implying that the blocking one (assuming that’s the one in the library) was the more stable one?

I will try the nonblocking one.

This nonblocking one is a workhorse!

I added a watchdog for the spark to reboot if it wasn’t connected, haven’t written anything into that routine yet to see if that is being called at all but the core has been going strong for almost a week now with that sensor and this library!

Thanks so much for the fabulous library!

Were your tests with the PietteTech library ?

At first I was working with the blocking DHT library (the one in the library with the most hits) then after having an endless amount of problems I switched to this one and it’s been exceptionally stable and yes, this one is the PietteTech library (v3 I believe from the Web IDE).