Running control code

Hi all, I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind pointing me in the right direction. I’m fairly new to the whole embedded iot world and I wanted to create a little project for myself. In fact it’s inspired by something else posted here which was a simple irrigation system. Anyway, what I’m wondering about is what options exist out there to be able to run simple control logic (schedule, on/off, maybe process some inputs) outside of the firmware on these products? I have a photon. The project I mentioned was using webCoRE to run the control logic and I’m just curious what others there are. I could just dive into webCoRE but I was just curious.

As a couple of follow up questions to this, I suppose that the term which has been adopted in this world is rule engine, correct? And that’s an engine that can run in the device which executes higher level interpreted code? Are there any which can run on python in any way, assuming the device could manage python?

It’s funny, I’ve been in the controls industry my entire career but I haven’t approached it form this end. Somehow I doubt my poor little device will be able to run an IEC 61131 interpreter haha :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!