Running application in Core


I’m searching for a history or any log file, the way to know which application is running in a Core.
To be precise, which version of my application is actually running in an active device.



I’m not aware of any such log other than requesting the installed system version via particle serial inspect.
The common practice to know the application version is by maintaining a version number in your code and either Serial.print()ing it or expose it as a Particle.variable() or similar ways.

Since you can also flash locally, with the device being completely offline, it’s also not really viable to expose a log of flashes. @ScruffR’s suggestion is your best bet in the future.

Hi Christian,
I wanted the same and from a recommendation in this community I went with a message that prints once the firmware is booting, like this:

String VERSION = "Version 0.05";
void setup()
  // publish startup message with firmware version
  Particle.publish(APP_NAME, VERSION, PRIVATE);
void loop()
{ //blahblah

hope it helps
PS: you can find the full code here.

If you don’t want to keep manipulating the version number, you can just use the build date and time via the compiler macros __DATE__ and __TIME__


ohhh that is a good tip, thanks

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Don’t forget __FILE__

Helpful if you are using file name for version control.

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