Rules Engine and Subscribing to Products

First hour or so exploring the Particle IoT Rules Engine was very positive. I initially set up an Oauth client and just accessed the Variables on one device. I then tried the Product radio button and a Subscribe to an event stream. This does not appear to work and these isn’t an example to follow in case I have completed the Subscribe node details incorrectly.

What do you mean by it doesnt work? I think there would be some error logs in the debug window. You also output the payload to a debug node.

Were you following the tutorials described in the tutorial section for Rules Engine?

Did you create a second oAuth client from within the product?

You can’t use your user level oAuth client to access the product event stream, even if you are a team member. You need to have a specific product oAuth client in order to use the product event stream.

@rickkas7 I was using the existing oAuth client details that works for the existing product.

@DriftingShadows There was no error log output in the debug window and there is no example of using a product in the tutorials for the Rules Engine.

There is a product subscription example here:

But you should only need to:

  • Use product-level oAuth client (full access) and client secret
  • Select the product radio button
  • Enter the product ID