RSSI diagnostics confusion

anyone have some guidance on how to translate a -19,990 value for paticles diagnostics data into a more user friendly 0%-100% signal quality?
cant find any info on how to translate the raw values

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Here are a couple of resources:

Thanks Patrick. I was aware of those ranges, but more specifically confused why we are getting a 5 digit figure from Particle instead of a 2 to 3 digit figure which corresponds to the charts you link. Any ideas? Are we doing something wrong?

If you're using system firmware 0.8.0-rc.x on Wi-Fi device (Photon or P1), there's a change in the API that is particularly noticeable if you're passing the result to sprintf/Serial.printlnf/

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Thanks @rickkas7 we solved the problem. @nrobinson2000 to to the rescue again

If you have a solution, could you please post it here also for other people to benefit?


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@ScruffR i have no idea how it works myself, ha @nrobinson2000 can you elaborate ?

I just ended up using WiFi.RSSI() like @rickkas7 suggested:

int rssi = WiFi.RSSI().rssi;
float signalQuality = WiFi.RSSI().getQuality();