[resolved] Build is down. Application Error

https://build.particle.io is down.

Aaaaand we’re back.

Thanks @zachary Sorry to bug you. Just wanted to make sure you all knew about it :smiley:

Nothing showing up as a historical event on the system dashboard: http://status.particle.io/

Should there be a report there, even after the problem is resolved ?

@IOTrav No worries! We have alerts automatically wired up to a health check for this and many other elements of the cloud, but we always welcome the human signal as well. :smiley:

@AndyW Good question. The intent of the status page is to communicate real-time service outages and to announce planned downtime. https://www.statuspage.io/ (the service that provides that page) isn’t built to provide a complete historical record. I just tried to add an event in the past, and it appears there’s no way to do so.

I’ll just provide more visibility here: The health check metric shows build was throwing errors from 2:20 to 2:26 Pacific Time. We get an alert if that happens for 5 straight minutes. As soon as the alert triggered, I rebooted the app.

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