Reset_reason power_management

Hi All,

When having an electron go in and out of sleep mode, I am getting the following from the logs on the Particle console:


I’ve looked through the docs and firmware and found that it is related to RESET_REASON_POWER_MANAGEMENT. I’m not sure what this means. The docs are not clear as to if this indicates the device has reset from sleep or for some other reason.

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AFAIK, that happens only with SLEEP_MODE_DEEP but not with Standby Sleep, since only deep sleep resets the device after wake while Standby Sleep carries on from where System.sleep() left off.
Other reasons have other codes as seen in the list in the docs.

Thanks @ScruffR. Is there a way to get the docs updated so other people don’t run into this issue?

I don’t quite see where the docs are wrong about that :confused:
But if you have a suggestion about the wording, you can alter the docs yourself, just by hitting the :pencil2: Edit button in the top right corner

I’m here asking this question because the following could mean a lot of things as related to the Electron:

RESET_REASON_POWER_MANAGEMENT: Low-power management reset

My first thought when seeing this is that the device is resetting because the Power Management IC is resetting on low power, either not enough battery or brownout.

If this only means that the Electron is resetting because of a wake-up from Deep Sleep, it would be nice if this said something like:


Do you have any thoughts on whether that is more clear or accurate?


Currently your wording would be OK, but in future other low-power modes might be introduced that may cause the same kind of reset, so “… waking from low-power mode (e.g. deep sleep)” might be better.

Is it correct to assume that these reset_reason events are only being sent by devices running 0.6.0+?

Yes, hence this part in the docs

I saw that comment, but wasn’t sure whether that also related to the events being sent. On a separate matter, will those events consume additional data or are they just part of the cloud connect payload?

They will consume data, but you can deactivate the publish.

How do you deactivate the Event name, “spark/device/last_reset” with data name “power_management”, which occurs, every 20 minutes on Wake from Sleep,
to save cellular data?