Req: Forum Emoji Addition

If you start to type : you will see a box pop up with smileys, but if you start typing various words you can get all kinds of neat little icons called emoji that you can insert into your forum posts. I’m pretty obsessed about using :wink: and :slight_smile: as valid punctuation so often times I need to mix it up. Emoji are perfect! Here’s an Emoji Cheat Sheet.

Anyhoo, I really thought it would be fitting to add the Spark logo to the emoji list, and if you typed :spark: it would come up.

Pretty sure you just need a 64 x 64 png such as this one: spark.png

Images automatically get resized to 20 x 20 in the posts. I don’t know why they scale it up just to resize it down by default, maybe for people that zoom their fonts a little?

That said, you drop it in your discourse emoji plugin images folder:

…wherever that’s at on the server, and the script automatically searches the filenames which will auto complete as you type.

:sparkles: :blue_heart:

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Two words: Retina display :wink:

This is an awesome idea, adding to our list of tasks – @zachary is our discourse wizard in case he sees this… :smile:

Haha, what a great idea! I’ll add it soon.

And, in fact, it’s time for a discourse upgrade anyway—so the community site may be down sometime today for a minute or two.


Hmmm… must be more to it, must have to register/whitelist the image somewhere in the code.

Ah! :spark: Interesting! It does, in fact add it after the fact, but not during edit & preview!

:spark: Awesome! :spark:

This is frickin’ awesome. :spark:

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:spark: Spark Core FTW!

:spark: – Clicky!


I see your clicky, and raise you 44 pixels.

How to do…

Testing if the :spark: icon shows up in new posts…

Not yet! :slight_smile:

but there is:





Hi. I just wanted to point out that the old :spark: emojis are broken. Maybe it was a side effect of the rebranding, maybe it’s something else, but right now there is a ton of knowledge base (aka. past threads) full of broken image symbols, or “spark” words, depending on the browser.


Edit: it works on new posts, but it’s broken in the old ones.

Thanks for the heads-up @tobia — added to our internal issue backlog. :smile: