Reliable Scheduler on Photon

Hi, Guys…

I would like to know is there any solution for reliable task scheduler for photon ?. Right now I’m using just simple code to compere with Time.hour and Time.Minute without any lib.

My question is… it’s possible that program may not trigger some how when the time come ??? Because my client told me program will start when he do something on the HMI. it look like system are sleep or focus on something else not the main loop. (This sometime happen).

Or it have better solution to handle Scheduler like interrupt.


@optixpro, take a look at the TimeAlarms library in the WebIDE. As for the issue with the HMI, posting your code would be helpful, especially how you service the HMI and whether loop() is blocking or not.

Thanks you for your advice I will looking into that… I used Nextion only in the loop is nextionListening and it no dependency.

loop() {

Like I said problem is not happen when we tested. I just doubt it’s not making sense that when we touch to weak HMI up then mcu are proceed to run (The only way to see mcu still active is checking Clock are running on HMI).

That why I asking the method I do are reliable or not.