Relay for sparkcore

I want to buy a relay for sparkcore.Unlike the one mentioned in the spark’s official website,can i use other relays which are compatible with arduino ?

For the most part yet. If you can get something which is 3.3v compatible that would be ideal but not necessarily required.

[Edit: could you post a link to the one you are interested in using?]


In the words of the general duke: should work.

In all seriousness, I’m working on a 'spark: let’s interface ’ tutorial series and one of the topics I want to cover is relay modules like these. You should be fine to use that module


@diljit I am using the following one and seems to be working fine and also a bit cheaper compared to your selection.

Hi @harrisonhjones. Its nice to know that you are working on a tutorial. Is it ready or are you still working on it?? If its ready could you please share it with us.

I’m just starting work on it. I’ll post it when it’s done. It will hopefully be useful and informative. We shall see

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Hi @bijay ,Thanks for the quick response,.I am developing a smartLight using sparkcore.So could you help me the kind of light i must use or how could i get a feedback to the sparkCore if somebod turns off the light using normal Houseold switch

I guess you can use a current sensor to check but I haven’t quiet figured it out yet