Reduce start-up time for Photon

Is there a way to reduce the start-up time for the Photon?

As a test, I turn the D7 LED (nice Photon HW feature) on basically the first thing in setup().
As a result, half a dozen measures averaged the power-up-to-light-up time around 2.5 seconds. (I did this with a stop watch so it may not be accurate enough but definitely over 2 seconds).

Is there a way to reduce this delay, or is this something that is built into the architecture itself? I imagine the low setup delay would come in handy when trying to control IoT devices. Since I used the LED connected to D7 for testing, I immediately thought about a light switch. 2.5 seconds seem long…

If you turned to System Mode Manual it should be almost instant. You’d loose the connection to the cloud but gain boot up speed. 2.5 seconds sounds fantastic in my opinion. Why do you need it to be “so fast”?

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Both SEMI_AUTOMATIC and MANUAL mode gave the same results about 2.5 seconds.

Why so fast? I think maybe I am spoiled by other chips using lower level C code. They start doing stuff literally within half a second (the case when AC-DC power supply has longer delay). For a light switch, for example, we are also spoiled by that instant response of lights turning on or off. I am just wondering if there is anything that could be done with the delay. :grinning:


It’s a known issue but you can file a new one in the open repo at

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Please see: Photon startup / deep sleep problem in Develop Branch

This will reduce the startup time somewhat.

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