Recommended gitignore for Particle Workbench Projects

I am getting started using the Particle Workbench Alpha with the latest version of our project. Past versions used the Desktop IDE with no project structure (it wasn’t a thing when the project was started).

What I am curious of if there are recommended gitignore entries we should use for a particle project. After building I noticed a target/ directory was created. My thought is that this folder is not part of source control. Instead of guessing, etc. I thought I would ask. :slight_smile:

Thank you!


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good question :+1:

at the moment, we create a couple of directories you might want to include in a .gitignore


target is where we put binaries and related objects produced by the local compiler.

lib is where we put libraries when you run the Particle: Install Library command BUT you might opt to check these in anyway (aka “vendoring”) as we don’t yet have a great UX for keeping them in sync (you’d need to re-install them on a freshly cloned repo using the aforementioned command).

otherwise, i’d point you to our firmware repo as well as github’s generic .gitignore templates:

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