Pulling project from Github to second computer issues....user error :)


I have my project successfully uploaded and working with GitHub on computer #1. Now I want to use computer #2 (laptop) and I’m unsure how to get my project from GitHub into the Workbench editor. I can get it into VS-Code just fine but it’s not linked to Workbench.

If I use “Particle: Import Project” I get an error that states “./lib” exists! cannot install libraries. Which is odd, because yes, it does already exists in the cloned project I got from GitHub.

What am I missing? / Doing wrong?


You normally don’t commit the lib directory to Github. The lib directory is generated based on the information in project.properties and the libraries are downloaded when you import the project.

In the future a .gitignore file will be added so exclude the lib directory, but you can just delete it off your local copy and then you can import the project.

Ahh. OK. I’ll give it a go.


yep. we can make this nicer. in the meantime, some (hopefully) helpful info over here:

Ooo!..Thanks for that. I’ll update my gitignore now :slight_smile:

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