Recommendation for a reflow oven?

Anyone have a good recommendation for a reflow oven for mostly prototype boards. Would love an amazon or easy link to purchase one.

I normally order my boards fully assembled but there has been a few instances having a reflow oven on hand would sure be helpful. I currently have a hot air re-work station which works just fine for most small SMD components but in this case, I need one to solder down a P2 module. I am assuming this would require a stencil and reflow oven to do effectively.

This guide P2 First Board | Hardware | Particle calls out the T962 but it currently shows unavailable. Any other recommendations or guidance?

Would Aliexpress be an option? Maybe you can find them on Amazon.

I would recommend - Puhui brand T-962


I have an inexpensive T962 from Amazon, also the Puhui. There are whole forums devoted to making it better but mine is stock and it's worked fine for simple prototype boards. However I don't generally use anything smaller than 0402 and try to avoid any BGA parts.


Yup, I can vouch for @rickkas7's comments. I modified my oven with several mods which likely didn't make a huge difference. There may be bettter ovens but for what I do, it is fine. Some folks also use hot plates for single sided boards.

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Hi @jgskarda -

IF a cheap and reliable reflow oven is what you are looking for, I can vouch for the one below;

I watched a ton of videos before buying this and it seems that most of the 'so called issues' with the T-series, have been addressed in this model.

Alibaba tends to be quite a bit cheaper than Amazon. The link I provided is the company I used and I had my oven shipped to South Africa all in less than two weeks. I have been using it for 5 years plus now and use it quite often. So far all good, you just need to tune it a bit to match the ideal reflow profile of the paste you are using but then you are set.

Hope this helps.

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I have the ZB2520HL - an upgraded T962 that's a little larger and has better temperature control.
Works great if you use the right paste.
Also from Aliexpress:

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Thanks everybody for the recommendations. I went with this option from Aliexpress. I think it'll work well for what I need: PUHUI T962

It was shipped in 2 days after ordering and going by air so likely 5-7 days will be in hand. Much appreciated!