Rechargeable Batteries for sub zero

I live in Canada, where -40 through +40 is the norm between seasons. I’m building a weather station with a photon that I’m trying to avoid connecting to a 120v power supply. Any suggestions for a battery that can tolerate these temperatures and be rechargeable so I can monitor weather after the sun goes down or if it is cloudy?

Ahh yes… the age old question of which batteries will survive in our Canadian climate.

I’m a fan of LiFePO4 batteries as they are much easier to get a hold of in Canada then the traditional Lipo. It seems that major couriers don’t like dealing with Lipo’s anymore, so they are harder to transport across the border. As for the question of temperature, no battery will do well at either extreme of our climate, however you should still get at least some power from them.

Good luck!

Checkout LTO cells. Youll need to use voltage conversion technology with them to get the voltage up to 3.3v or 5v regulated.