Receiving Payments through Particle

Hi everyone,

The box for particle electron says that it can receive the payments. I searched everywhere but could not find any reference.

Does anyone has any suggestion if I want to use Particle to receive payments?


Given the limited state of SSL support in Particle-land, it’s probably a little difficult.

Are you confusing this concept with particle electron billing?

@drpjshah I saw that also and wondered what they had in mind about this accepting payments using the Electron.

@will @zach @BDub What were you referring to when you added that Accept Payments using the Electron to the product packaging text? Is the data connection secure enough to handle credit card data? Or are you thinking of something else?

Particle’s communications are all encrypted (on the Photon with AES/RSA, and on the Electron with DTLS), so I’d like to push back on @tedder’s assertion that “it’s probably a bit difficult”. If you send a Particle.publish() message, those communications are encrypted from device to cloud and from cloud to whatever web service you hit with a webhook or SSE.

Regarding the use case, though, we don’t have a specific reference; rather, one could build a payment system using the Electron, as that’s a common use case for cellular communications. That could be a credit card payment system, or cash-based, or bitcoin-based, depending on what mechanism you use in the hardware for payments. Sorry we don’t have a more specific example prepared!

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@tedder. No I did not mean billing. I want to receive payments through Particle.

Agree to Zach that we can use publish to send the data to payment gateway in order to process the payment. However, it has to be done with care. I have not gone much deeper into it but will try on this.

However, the payment processing is limited to credit/debit card.

But if someone want to use mobile banking using particle, then particle sim does not support messaging based payment processing. In any case it has to be done through Particle Cloud.

I hope I have understood it correctly.

What about Cores?

Cores use the same communications protocol as the Photon - in other words, RSA and AES encryption.

To be clear, I was talking about the lack of a Crypto/SSL library. Particle uses one but doesn’t expose it, unfortunately. That means Azure and AWS MQTT platforms can’t be used, and the only answer to these questions is “use a webhook”.

I wonder how other constrained platforms support certs. Looks axTLS handles 'em.

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