Photon + Azure IoT-hub?

Can i connect a photon to Azure IoT-Hub some how?

If I’m not mistaken, searching for “azure” pops up a lot of topics regarding this. Might be worthwhile browsing through.


Two things i have noticed:

  1. You need a webhook as the Photon itself can not do HTTP or MQTT over SSL required by Azure.
  2. The webhook built in sas-token generation ( does only work with the older Azure EventHubs and not the new shiny EventHub in IoT Hub. As a workaround you can pre-generate the SAS token on your computer and add it in the webhook as a header.

But if you find a better solution to any of these please share :smile:


What do you mean by:


By that i i mean that you can skip the use of the on-the-fly SAS generation in Particle webhook and instead insert a pre-generated SAS token statically in the header.

“headers”: {
“Authorization”: “YOUR-SAS-TOKEN-HERE”

That is probably only good for testing scenarios so lets hope Particle fixes this (hopefully) simple thing. :smile:

Yes I’d agree. I wouldn’t say it was stable. I have been commenting with you and Dave, he said if the community showed more interest in direct connections with IoT Hub, they’d probably look into it. But for now, they are happy with the Event Hub integration. Seems a shame because so many of us have struggled with IoT Hubs! What do you reckon, do you think there is enough interest out there?

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Hey, guys, I’ve been looking into Azure IOT offerings lately, and I see they support AMQP for communication also.

There is Photon AMQP library in the Online Build IDE.

Can we use AMQP to send data to the new Azure IOT Hub structure since the Secure MQTT is not currently supported?

I have no idea but wanted to ask just in case it could work.