Photon / Electron able to do PMT Processing?

Hello, I am new to coding and using photon in general but what to learn as much as possible! I was wondering if the photon and electron could use something like Stripe and their API to process payments or if that is even possible. And if it is are there any materials that teach you that. I was reading a thread that said that you had to program your own PMT processing or something and then the electron could handle it but I was wondering if you could just use already existing PMT processing API. Thanks so much for any help you could do to illuminate this answer for me.

I think your best bet for payment processing is to have the Electron/Photon read the CC information using a standard mag swipe reader and then forward that to a payment processor like Stripe to handle the payment. I haven’t read up to much on chip readers so I’m not certain how hard that would be to interface with.