Receive values from Wireless Sensor data and create the mesh network between Electron and Photon

Is it possible to receive the values of wireless light and proximity sensor serially connected to Particle Electron?

I need to run the setup using particle Electron as of no WiFi connection available in remote site. Particle Electron will act as gateway receiver here.

But I also need to need to know the possibility of creating mesh communication between particle electron and photon.

It should be.

There’s no native support for that on either of those two. That’s where the Gen3 Mesh hardware comes in, why not use those?

Hi, can you suggest any sample which will help to test whether serial connection between the wireless sensor and particle electron.

I am using 1 more particle photon which is connected to Thermocouple I2C module to test the sensor readings and send to particle cloud but due to WiFi availability issue, I am not able to use wifi network and even both the devices are far from each other so I was looking for any best way to utilize the particle photon

As my 4g network in smartphone is working fine, Is there any best way to create internet hotspot between photon device and smartphone?

When your code is working with a Photon and Serial1 it should work just the same with an Electron and Serial1 - on the Electron you have two more UARTs to easily choose from - on different pins tho’

Not sure, what you mean: Just activate the hotspot on your smartphone and set the respective WiFi credentials on the Photon.