Real feel Temperature

How can i get ‘Real Feel temperature’ from temperature and relative humidity?
Is there any equation to calculate ‘Real Feel temperature’ from temperature and relative humidity?

@ashish.talaviya, here is an explanation from AccuWeather who patented this product:

The Real Feel temperature is a patented product developed by several of us at AccuWeather. I am not familer with the general explanation. But, I can tell you that we use the following variables to calculate the value:
Dew point
wind speed
Sun angle for a given date
Solar intensity as defined from the solar index
percent of sky cover
precipitation and intensity

Each variable carries a weight for a given date and weather situation. These weights are determined through various factors. I cannot give you the formula since this is patented. If you are interested in getting real feel computations you can go to our web site and request a service person to assist you with setting up an account. We have clients that have their own website that allows them to compute the real feel with a given town or city anywhere in the world that reports hourly weather data .

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The heat index (or humiture), however, is not patented and is easily calculated from the temperature and relative humidity. It’s just multiplication and addition with various coefficients.


Can you give me equation of real feel temperature using temperature and humidity?

If only the link above would contain a formula… Or two…

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