Reading variables on one Photon from another Photon

I want to read a couple of variables residing on a Photon named ‘Photon-TX’ from a second Photon named ‘Photon-RX’. I have seen how to access the variables from a web script but not from another Photon. The data does NOT need to be secure. Have I missed something? Are there any tutorials for doing this? Any help will be appreciated. I would even accept a few words of encouragement. :slight_smile:

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Hi @geek4life

You want publish and subscribe, not variables for Photon to Photon communication. Photon-TX publishes values periodically (less than 1 per second on average) and Photon-RX has a listener that subscribes to the published events.

Right now variables are accessed in the Particle cloud using HTTPS secure connections which is possible but hard to do from a device. Publish is easy and all the data is encrypted both ways already.

Please be encouraged–it is pretty easy!


I’m afraid using ‘regular’ variables is not possible at this time, but using publish/subscribe can achieve the same thing.

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@bko and @Moors7

Thanks for the speedy response and the good information. I guess I missed the part about publishing and subscribing. I am new to the Particle platform. Thanks again! --geek4life


That would have TX transmitting ‘continuously’, even though it might not be needed. If a value is only required occasionally, the RX Photon could publish a “requesting-data” event, to which the TX is subscribed. TX will then, in turn, publish the required data, to which RX is subscribed. Not trying to ‘correct’ @bko (I couldn’t if I tried :wink:), but wanted to put it out here for others who might be looking to do the same, but save on data (Electron based projects for example).



Thanks for the additional info. That gives me some options for my project(s). Thanks! --geek4life

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