Reading variable from Argon

I have a Xenon that is setting a variable with Particle.variable(). I want to read that variable from an Argon. I cannot see a function that allows that, or how to execute a GET command from the Argon.

Is this possible?

Hmmm, Particle.variable and Particle.function aren’t really geared for device-to-device communication, You should probably re-think what you want to do using pubsub (Particle.publish and Particle.subscribe.

You can do it with a cloud variable, but you’ll have to use an HTTP library from the Argon to make an API request, which is going to add a lot of overhead.


In addition to @dougal’s comments, I just want to reinforce that the Particle.variable() cannot be read from another device directly. The Particle.variable() allows an application to request a variable from the device using the API. For device-to-device communication on a mesh network, use Mesh.publish() and Mesh.subscribe().


Thanks for the quick reply. I will go that route.