Argon to Argon mesh comunication

Hello im trying to link both my argons! i all ready have the mesh setup but i cant find an easy self explain example where i can command one argon to another. like to change its variables or scan/get the variables for logic operators.

Welcome to the Particle Community.

There are no Particle.variable or Particle.function for the Mesh only device.

The basic mechanism if you want to use Mesh network is to set up a “pub-sub” between the 2 Argons.

Argon 1 publishes on Mesh with Mesh.publish(event1); when it wants to send some information or a command.

Argon2 subscribes to event1 with Mesh.subscribe(event1, event1Handler); when event1 is received by Argon2 it is supplied to the handler function as parameters (event_name and data). You then need to parse the data to extract what you need.

The reserve can be implement as well so that Argon1 subscribes to event2 from Argon2.

Have a look in the reference documents and you will see examples of how to do this.

You should know that Mesh network and support has been deprecated by Particle and will be removed from the next device OS 1.6.0.

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