Reading 0x command bytes for an ADC

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I am trying to communicate with an ADS7830, datasheet

I am trying to find the correct address for the different channels on the ADS. The relevant parts of the data sheet are:
and the bottom 8 rows of

I am able to successfully read channel 0 with the hex byte 0x00. I am struggling to find what hex I should be using for channels 1, 2 & 3.

I realise stack overflow might be a more appropriate location for this question, but wondering if someone can help me understand how to decode the above table into a hex byte.


I'm not sure, but I read the table so that 0x00 isn't really the correct pattern for reading the voltage on channel 0 but the differential between channel 0 & 1.
In order to read the voltage on channel 0 with regards to COM you'd use 0x80;
For channel 1 you'd use 0xC0
For channel 2 .. 0x90
For channel 3 .. 0xD0
(if I'm not mistaken :blush:)

In all the above the last digit is alway 0 as it's referring to the Power-Down selection for which you haven't mentioned any preference :wink:


Thanks @ScruffR Scruff

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