Re trial on Getting CLI installation to work

Here I am again after my first topic was deliberately closed by the site administrator entitled Frustration in Getting Started. Due to prolonged issues, I am here asked by the Particle to continue start this topic as a means of solving that prolonged issues.

I made the screen shot here :smile:

Here is the result of doing the npm

So far so good? I think so… as I describe this in sequence so it can be followed by the rest…

Step 3 : Now I am plug in the CORE to the USB and ensure it in blue LED mode (listen) … lets type “particle setup” AND press

Here is the screen shot

Guys please tell me what to do?

Try installing Visual Studio mentioned here:

Hi Kenneth, how are you?

At present, I do have the Visual Studio 2012 installed in my laptop. Do you think I should install the VStudio Express Edition 2013 ?

Awaiting your opinion, Thanks

By the way, did you managed to test my code (as per your request) in your CORE or Photon?

This is my latest trial on CLI installation, also failed. But hopefully you can see magnified screen shot

Thank you

@sam_desd, which version of Windows are you running?

I would suggest installing the version mentioned here:

Hi Peekay,

I am on Windows 8. Sorry for late reply… as I was writing code for my POC and fell asleep like no one business after that.


Thanks Kenneth… I will try and report the progress upon that.

Just a question to you guys (whom knows better), will Photon at this point in time can deliver a better result …should I use it? I just want my simple UDP to work without spending too much time troubleshooting / way around.

At present, I learned the claim process, re transfer to the different network, web IDE (this will be a fantastic tool when fully in operation), factory reset, re claim and several others.

I made my Android apps ready and the desktop apps ready… yet, I am struggling to get my supposed to BE SIMPLE udp to work, yet, end up till now no where !

TQ guys

Hi Kenneth,

I will do all these:


Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 are supported.

  1. Install Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop.

  2. If you are hacking on an Arduino, be sure to install the drivers.

  3. Install node.js 0.10.x matching the bitness (32 or 64) of your operating system.

  4. Install Python 2.7.6 matching the bitness of your operating system.

Will see