RC_CAR + pi camera


Add my pi with camera on the RC car. I wrote a simple app to control RC car and show HTTP live streaming.
Now, I can remote control the car and see the live show.:stuck_out_tongue:
thanks Spark core!


@liming That is an AWESOME project!! I would highly encourage you to share an Instructables style project share for your creation, since I’m sure that everyone who got the RC Car Kit and has a Pi lying around will want to give this one a try (including us!)

Happy holidays, and glad you’re enjoying the Core! Best from the Spark team :smiley:

Here is the app code:

Happy holidays!

Good job! Im really curious about delay of video streming. Did you try it just on local network or over internet? How many milliseconds it delays?


Hi Hasan,

I test on local network, it delay about 1~2 seconds, over internet will need more time, maybe 5 seconds.
You can change the frame size to reduce the packet throughput, it will make it more smoothly.

Im really disappointed to hear that. I need much more speed. What are possible reasons for that much delay?

Thanks for sharing your experience :smiley:

Have you thought about switching to MJPEG? I’ve seen a few other raspberrypi picam streaming projects and mjpg seems to be more responsive since the stream doesn’t suffer if frames are lost / dropped in transit as it does with h264. OpenROV, another web-controlled vehicle project, uses beaglebone, node, and mjpg for video. it’s very responsive (but is over megabit ethernet…)