Random number generator not seeded

While testing an Argon, I generated some code to publish an event once per minute with a random number in the data field. To my surprise, the sequence of numbers was the same after every boot.

According to the Particle documentation for the Argon, the random number seed starts as 1 when the Argon first boots, then is set to a random seed after connecting to the cloud. I know that my Argon has connected to the cloud and has had plenty of time for a random seed to be sent to the device, but it is not happening.

To verify this is an Argon problem, as opposed to a general DeviceOS issue, I put some test code into a Photon and was able to confirm that the Photon does get initialized with a different random seed on each boot as expected. But the same test code running on an Argon does not get a random seed.

Yeah this bug was identified 3 years go on Photon and apparently never fixed, details at the end of the thread linked below on how to get a good seed, apparently one of the chips has an RNG on it. I have confirmed this works on Argon.