Rand() or random() on multiple photons


I’ve written some Python code to send a UDP message (just an integer) to multiple photons, and I want the photons to take that integer and randomize it. For instance, through Python, I will send the message ‘180’ to the Photons who are supposed to randomize the value and output a random integer from 0 to 179 every second. This output is used to drive servo connected to each photon to a random angle. The problem is that both photons consistently generate the exact same random value every second, and I have no idea why. I’ve tried both the rand() and random() command, but both just make the two servos move in exactly the same way.

Any idea on how to make my servos do both random and independent things?

Thanks in advance!

This is a bug in 0.4.9 (possibly other versions). As a workaround, just paste this in your program .ino or .cpp file:

void random_seed_from_cloud(unsigned seed) {

Thanks a lot!