Question: How report system sw problems?

Most of the time when something doesn’t work, it’s the user’s problem. He has a bug in the app he’s working on. But other times, it’s a genuine problem with the system software, meaning the firmware or the Cloud software. The support forum does a great job of helping with user problems. Thank you.

I am a bit lost as to how to get the attention of the core sw developers for Particle.

From reading forum entries, it seems like developers often will chime in to help a user with a problem. (Again, thank you.) And I suppose a forum entry will sometimes cause the issue to become a true “support ticket”. (I think that’s the correct vocabulary.) But I don’t know.

How does one “enter” a support ticket themselves? For example, if I have seemingly exhausted the knowledge base of the forum users and the issue really seems like a system software problem, how do I make sure it gets to the developers?

I have been told to enter the issue on the Support Contact page under “Do you have a different question?” A couple people have said that’s the right thing to do. However, I have never gotten any response back when I have used this.

Along these lines, I recently stumbled across a web page new to me: “”. It seems to be a portal into the developer’s internal world. I see what seems to amount to a buglog system. I see ways to enter new issues but it seems intended for developers or apps engineer’s use only. But maybe I am wrong. I cannot believe you want naive users (like me!) dumping in lots of entries.

Right now I am stuck on a problem. I cannot move forward and it seems like a system problem. What do I do? Simply stop using the Photon for my project? That’s crazy. If there was a way to pay for higher level application’s support, I’d be happy to do so. (Within reason!!)

Have you posted your question / problem on the forum yet to see what support you get from that first?


See: Photon web IDE “flash” stopped working

I can assure you, Particle employees are currently looking into your issue, hence @rickkas has posted some code for you to checkout in the other thread.


I hear you saying that issues brought up to the forum will get seen by Particle employees.

BTW, just what IS a Particle employee?! I see your name in that thing I call the buglog in github. Are you an employee? Do you have authorization to enter things into the buglog? What is “elite”?

Elites are a bunch of enthusiasts who donate a fair bit of their time to make this community special and support Particle in their endeavour to get their devices into the hands of everybody.
As such we are not employed by Particle but have good contact and - I dare say - a close bond with Particle and their awesome team.

We often get first hand info or “see” what’s happening behind the scenes or what forum topics are specially discussed.

About the issue tracker on GitHub, anybody can open an issue, but this should only be done once you’re pretty sure it actually is an issue. Normally such matters are discussed here first and if this is also without success you can open an issue. But you should be able to provide as much info as possible to reproduce the problem.



Hello my name is Kyle and I am the Particle Forum Moderator here on the community as well as an employee for Particle. As @ScruffR pointed out the elites, while not employees, are usually the first to see and respond to all of the different posts here on the community. There knowledge and expertise is invaluable so we rely on them to help us out here and they let us know if we are needed to answer a question.

I did read the other post that you linked above, and would like to check to see if you are still having problems have you filed a support ticket yet? This link will bring you to where you can get in contact with someone from our Tech team that can further help you one-on-one to get your issues resolved.

Feel free to PM if there is anything else I can do to assist you.


I'm also facing actually multiple issues and getting no support. The issue are in the firmware of the Photon and I cannot do anything and I'm stuck there...

Thanks for the note. The system of using the elites to help as much as possible sounds like a great system. As long as things ultimately get to your internal guys and into the buglog.

I do not have a resolution to the problem. “rickkas7” is doing a great job with me however. We spent maybe 6 hours today on this.

Please tell me specifically HOW to file a support ticket!!! Is it on the support web page under “Do you have a different question?” ? Is it in '"? Or where?

Let’s say for a moment that the “Do you have a different question?” method is in fact how a support ticket is filed. So would I get a note back saying that my input resulted in a support ticket? Would I get a number assigned to it? Would I be notified that the bug got fixed and which release the fix was in?

Hopefully my specific problem will resolve in a day or two. (Please, God.)

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At this link where you mentioned the “Do you have a different question” is where you file a support ticket. In the attached screen shot is all the information you need to fill out and it will be sent to our team and we will be able to assist you from there on your problems.

You will receive an email saying that Particle did receive your ticket and that we will respond to your request as soon as possible. That email will also provide the ticket number that will be your ID that is 5 numbers.

The team member who will be working with you on the bug will be in contact with you and will let you know when the issue is fixed and how to apply the solution on your end (like rickkas7)

Feel free to PM if there is anything else I can do to assist you.