Query whether MAC address of iPhone/Android is on network


I’d like to use the Particle to identify whether the MAC address of a list of phones (or laptops) is on the same Wifi network as the Particle. Is there an easy way of doing this?



I assume you’re using a Photon. Taking a look at the firmware docs, I don’t see any way of returning the remote MAC address. The only command for macAddress() returns the Photon’s MAC address. I’m not sure if there are any low-level hardware functions that you could take advantage of… but that is not an “easy” way of doing it anyhow.

I assume you would use a Photon to light a visual indicator so that you know these “rogue” devices are on the network. It may be possible to write a service or script to scan you network from a server or PC. When the “rogue” MACs are detected, that server or PC could use a webhook or API cloud command to notify the Photon.

Hi ninjatill,

Thanks for your note - yes I agree a link to a PC or Pi could be the answer using arp or something similar.