Putting back in box (update: took back out of box...)

I’ve spent 3 evenings trying to get a few mesh devices setup, and after numerous problems, I’m putting them back in the box. I’ll come back at the end of January and see if some updates have been made, but I don’t have the time to alpha test these devices for Particle.

– The app hangs on Android
– The command line hangs on Mac OS X
– Argon loses WiFi connection
– dashboard shows devices are still connected, long after they’ve been unplugged
– Xenon drops connection to Mesh network, unable to consistently re-pair it
– numerous other small hiccups

Good luck to the Particle team, I’ll come back in 6 weeks and see if anything’s better.

Very frustrated.


Bad timing :wink:

These points should be getting better today

Have a look in Web IDE

The solution on Particle’s side would be to remove the indicator (for all UDP devices), as there are reasons why “detecting” offline won’t work without adverse effects (elaborated in other threads many times). Consequently I can be quicker in just ignoring that indicator than Particle will ever be in removing it :wink:


Thanks. I’m quite excited about these devices, having bought them when they first were announced, and having regularly purchased RedBear devices as they were made.

I’m frustrated, but very hopeful. I’m just busy working with other stuff at the moment, and don’t have time to read through all the posts and debug what’s going on with my devices.


So is rc26 now out? If so, where do they make such announcements? I’ve been looking for that and this is the first I’m reading. Now that I checked, in my web IDE, I only see 25.

For what it’s worth I’ve seen many references like yours that rc26 will fix a lot of the problems, but there is very little communication from particle.

I am finding this so frustrating. For the last 3 days it’s gotten a lot worse. My xenon’s all disconnect from the cloud after 5-120 seconds. No longer is possible anymore. I have to reboot the Argon and Xenon to get the Xenon reconnected to give me another 5-120 seconds. It’s difficult to squeeze in a flash of the Xenon on the process. I have no idea how it will stay connected long enough to update the firmware to rc26.

I think the OP has the right idea. This has been a miserable process, perhaps shelving everything for a couple of months is the right idea.

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That’s my fault - I may have been to quick to break the news before they had chance to write the post :blush:

I actually meant to bring good news, but obviously it’s difficult to please everybody.

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Mine wouldn’t stay connected and the Xenons kept flashing green. I did a bunch of snooping on here and traced it back to my router having the IPv6 set and I had to roll it back to IPv4, I don’t know that this is your problem. I am frustrated too. I thought these would be fun to play around with and all I’ve really been able to get them to do is buzz and make an LED flash.

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That’s the same thing that happens to me (Xenon’s flashing green). They are still running their program and able to send Mesh.publish() communication, but the console shows them offline and Particle.publish() communication isn’t working as well as not being able to update them.

I’m using a very new router that’s integrated in the 1Gbps cablemodem I have from my ISP. It’s both IPv6 as well as not a top quality product.

I don’t mean to be difficult to please, and I certainly appreciate the effort you make on behalf of the community. The frustration is not simply these current issues in a vacuum. It is that after a 5 month delay to make sure they get everything right, they then proceeded to botch the launch, putting us through months of “shipping any day now”. Even those delays would have been fine to get the kinks worked out, but now it seems after all those months of delay, they’ve delivered a product that’s essentially non-functional and cut way back on their communication with the community.

Right now feels like a rehash of the waiting we went through from September to December, except now it’s that a patch is coming out any day now. The core problem is a lack of meaningful official communication.


@ScruffR, thank you for the awesome news!

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Here is the official announcement

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Thanks for the update. If it weren’t for you, I’d never have seen that the banner at the top had changed. I really do appreciate what you do here.

The Argon updated easily, and then I had a hard time getting the Xenon to take the update, it was flashing cyan with an occasional red blink and even after cold rebooting that didn’t change. But it’s done, and so far so good after 2 hours of uptime. I’m going to leave it running the test overnight, but I doubt there will be problems.


FWIW, I had the same issue with one of my Xenons. It tried doing the OTA update but got into some weird loop where it was flashing red/blue on and off. I resolved it by doing a factory reset and setting it up again, it’s working fine now.

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Ok, @ScruffR, thanks for the update!

I installed rc.26, and things went a lot smoother. I have been able to update 1 Argon and 3 Xenons, and have the soft pulsing teal light, the indicator that they are all connected and happy. I have been able to signal them from the console.

Also, have been able to turn them off, individually, and together, and turn them back on, individually, and together, and with only a couple of hiccups, they all came back online.

Hopefully this means I’ll be able to get some sensors hooked up to them and start communicating with them.

Thanks for your help!


In an effort to improve on this end, what do you think Particle could do differently? How, when, where, and what kind of information would you like to receive from Particle?

I’ve been waiting for the new firmware all week (good job by the way!). My only comment would be that it wasn’t obvious that the new firmware had been released. I know it’s posted in the Problems and Fixes post, but it wasn’t advertised all that well. Maybe a sticky at the top of the Mesh subforum would have done the trick?

Yup, I also expected the announcment to be made in this thread

But maybe it’s because the mesh branch and the Gen1/2 branch of the firmware haven’t been merged yet, they keep it separate for now.

Hey folks – released this late last night so will help to cross-pollenate in threads throughout the day.

Right now the updates thread is pinned to the top of Particle Mesh category and we’re updating the global header whenever there are new updates to the Known issues and fixes thread.

Open to suggestions about how we can better spread the word – we have the team in support mode today to help customers with the transition to rc.26 and understand where there are still issues that we can work to resolve.


Hopefully the need to turn off IPv6 networking is resolved in the latest rc.26 update. Please let us know you see an improvement with Xenon reconnect behavior with this release.

I’m thinking they’re worse now.

Would you be able to share how it’s worse? At what steps are you still experiencing issues?

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So I worked my way through the green blinking light deal the other night and they’re all breathing cyan and all, I flash the new firmware, or at least I think I do and they appear to be in the web ide, but then they’re breathing cyan, but I can’t ping or signal them, they’re just flaky. So back to the drawing board, I’m trying to do the CLI to flash the argon first and get it hopefully where it needs to be. But this is all just weird. Gotta use the CLI for this and the WEB IDE for that and the console to look at this…I’m looking for the Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring to better understand what needs to be done. This is way too much jiggling the handle to get this stuff to work. I learned yesterday that there is the firmware and then bootloader stuff, and system 1,2,3 stuff and now this ncp firmware… I’m sure a lot of it all is me, but…Ahh just frustrated.