Publishing with Boron

We have got some Boron boards in and we tried to upload the same code from Electron onto the Boron, mainly the publishing to the same webhook. We notice that the Boron is not publishing any of the topics. Is there anything specific we have to modify to get the Boron to publish?

The current code we have on the Electron that we want the Boron to publish is:

char message[256];
snprintf(message, sizeof(message),
 "{\"Time\":\"%s\", \"conc\":%.4f, \"ws\":%.1f, \"wd\":%d}",
 (const char*)Time.format("%FT%TZ"),voc.getAvgVoc(),sonicAnemometer.getAvgWindSpeed(),(int)sonicAnemometer.getAvgWindDirection()

//Send message
bool success = Particle.publish("Sensible", message, PRIVATE);

We have changed the code to publish a simple string, which also doesn’t get published:

bool success = Particle.publish("Test", "Connection Test");
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How are you checking to see if the event is published? This may be an overly obvious suggestion, but if you aren’t looking at the event log in the console, you should check there. Do you get the automatically published events like spark/device/app-hash and spark/device/diagnostics/update?