Published date format

i need to add my event’s published time to mysql. I can not find convert photon date format to php/mysq date format. Here is the codes:


$sql = "INSERT INTO  Rfid  (PhotonId, BRfid, RfidDate) VALUES ('ok', 'ok', ?)";

if($stmt = mysqli_prepare($GLOBALS['link'], $sql)) {
     mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, "?(type?)", $_POST["published_at"]);




Your code has a blank (actually a “?”) for the date value. How are you actually obtaining the date? Are you getting the date from a cloud variable or perhaps a publish/subscribe? Where is the code that publishes the date from the Photon? Showing all those missing pieces will help us help you.

Particle publish an event and data. And i post it via WebHook.
Also my code line which has '?'
mysqli_stmt_bind_param($stmt, “s”, $_POST[“published_at”]);

In mysql table, the date column format is string. And it works. But it is string that you see at code. I need date format. I solve problem by using php date function. I did it thank you

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