Publish multiple event by creating multiple apps

Hey guys,
I am new to particle. My question is very basic since I am using particle for the first time. I am using a Tracker One device. I want to publish my multiple events such as temperature, humidity motion, acceleration.

So do I need to create multiple apps? If so, then can I flash all apps at the same time? If not then how exactly do I write it in my web IDE

You don’t need multiple apps, you wouldn’t be able to flash multiple apps anyway. Check out the publish subscribe example in the web IDE, and check the docs:

Thank you very much @Mjones. I guess I got it. Still I have a problem when I am trying to publish my temperature and acceleration data. How can I fetch the real time data and check it in my event everytime?
Like for example I included the thermistor library and then i am trying to fetch the data from that library in my .ino file Is it possible?

You can search the community for applications like this, I know I’ve seen similar projects. Your library gives you all the tools needed for that particular sensor and takes care of the heavy lifting, but your code (ino file) is where you read the incoming data and process it for publishing.


As you may have guessed, you can utilize multiple sensors in one application and have them published.

To view the events that are occuring, you must see them on the Console website and by watching the “Events” page. Particle does not store your data, so you must remain on this page to watch the events show your different events (e.g Temp sensor).

Thank you @Mjones and @lanceseidman for helping me out. It seems like everyday I run into some new problems. I went into enter shipping mode yesterday. Now when I trying to turn it on by connecting it through USB, my device is still offline. I have logged in from the Console website but still my device is not coming online. I cannot even see the light blinking for charge, gps and cloud. Any suggestions what should I do for it?