Public Webhooks not working

Hey guys, I need some help with webhooks.

Here is the scenario:

User A is “hosting” a Webhook

  • The Webhook is set with "mydevices": false so that it will respond to pings from anybodies devices.

User B has a Photon that subscribes to the Webhook from user A.

  • In setup(): Particle.subscribe("hook-response/awesome_public_hook", hookHandler);

  • In loop(): Particle.publish("awesome_public_hook");

Right now I can see in the dashboard of User A a response from the hook to the request from User B. The problem seems to be that User B never sees the response. Thus the hookHandler of User B is never call.

Beside setting "mydevices": false, is there anything else I need to do to make the hook responses visible to other users?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and/or help you can provide me.