Project requiring 840 web hook requests per minute. What do I do?

Hello, so we have a distance sensor that detects shock pressure and there are two sensors per client. 840 point of data needs to be sent per-minute. I understand I need to contact Particle but if I was to build my own backend as an owner, wheres the best place to start as this IS a setback for my team and I.

Is there a reason you need to use web hooks? If you’re building you own backend, you should be able to use a direct TCP connection between your devices and your server. There a several good posts on this forum about sending large amounts of data using TCP.

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Hi @christopher.gault,

I’d agree with @Ric on this one, if one device needs to send ~800-1000 messages a minute, you’re better off streaming data directly between the devices or to your backend service. Even if you’re collecting that many data points, I’d recommend bucketing it into some sensible data packet (50ms of data, 100ms, 1 second of data, etc.)

Here’s a project I built that streams raw audio data over UDP in 100ms chunks:

I hope that helps!


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@Dave, I’m not sure if @christopher.gault is planning on one device sending that many publishes or if he’s not rather refering to the product limits imposed on all devices in that tier - or he might also refer to the 120/min events limit of all devices of one account against one host.

He’s was talking about “two sensors per client”, where I’d understand client might be equivalent with device and the 840 triggers are the sum output of all devices.