Programming Electron without SIM card

I would like to experiment with the Electron to gain understanding with projects that don’t do any cellular communication.

However, when I try to set up the Electron, it seems it wants to register a billing account for the 3G module.

Isn’t there some way to just run code on the Electron that reads sensors, blinks leds, etc?

I’d have to test if the device can skip listening mode without SIM, but once you got code with SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) on your device, you won’t need any cellular connection.

Thanks – I don’t know about SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) yet, where should I look for that?

Hmm, if I’m not sure where to find something like that I’d use the search feature in the docu section.
It features incremental search which would come up with this, while typing system_mo

Or with manu

Thanks, search could find it. Somehow I missed the search box, so much to get familiar with.