Product WebHook (integration) - Rate limit - Help!

Hi, i´m using a Product WebHook where i have a small test of products calling a WebHook.
I have 3 Photons, calling a unique WebHook, every 30 seconds, so it is 3 calls per minute.
In the Dashboard, i have RATE LIMIT errors all the time, and i can´t figure why.
Any help?


Here is the LOG, you can check that are 3/4 call per minute.

And the detailed error

Any one knows how to get more info (debug) in product webhook?

I could be wrong and I’d not find it clear if my interpretation was right, but taking the free product tier and divinding the free 250K/month events by the seconds of an avg month of 30 days, I’d get to a publish rate of 1 event every 12 seconds - which would sort of match your error rate.

But if that actually was the case, I’d say that’s wrong :wink: - from the customers point of view when granting 250K/mo there should not be another limit “superimposed” on that.

(Disclaimer: I’m not saying it is, but the figures might fit :wink: )

Yes, i think the same. Would be so usefull to have a more detailed info in the dashboard.
It’s strange, becouse the Interval appears to be regular, but the weebhook is still working after that.

No response from Particle about that suspicion yet, so I’m going to ping @jeiden.

Jeff, how is the 250K/mo event limit on the free tier working?
Is it full blast up to that limit or is it broken down to a avg. 1 event per 12sec (which would be bad)?

Hey @ScruffR and @Fracoro,

Thanks for reaching out, sorry you are having trouble here. The 250k/month is a fleet-wide event limit. It represents the total number of outbound integration requests that can be sent each month. The issue you are running into here is slightly different, it is a rate limit on the frequency of webhooks being sent in a certain time interval. You can read about all the different webhook rate limits here:

What I imagine you are running into is the limit by host. Across all webhooks in our system, we enforce a maximum of 120 requests per minute to a given host to avoid unintended abuse of a 3rd-party service. It would be helpful to know what URL you are using in your webhook, and we can look into why you are being rate limited.




It would appear there is no longer a section on the Webhooks guide that specifies limits.


Just found it… looks like this information has been moved from Particle Guides to Particle Reference: