Product Auto Update Loop

Hi All,

I’ve noticed a issue a few times now where I’ve released a new firmware through a Particle Product and some devices go into an update loop. I’ve attached a screenshot of the event console showing a device doing it. I’ve seen it happen with a few devices in my fleet. Is there a fix or anything I can do to address it? Thanks!

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Let me ping someone that might be able to help, @rickkas7 are you able to assist?


I may have figured it out. It’s not obvious with the previously attached screenshot but it looks like it may be due to a watchdog I have set to reset the system on a hang. It’s set to 10 seconds which is not enough time for the update to occur. In later instances I saw a “User Reset” event appear in between the update attempts. I’ve confirmed that increasing the watchdog timeout resolves it. What I’m stumped on is that I’ve had the watchdog for weeks and I’ve managed to update 10-15 versions over the air before this became a problem. I now have to visit each device in my fleet. Does anyone have any ideas about anything I can do to avoid manually flashing each device?

Currently your own code has to take care for that - if you haven’t already you might have to swallow the pill.

Hence these issues were filed a while ago