Problems getting interrupts to work as I expect them too

My project is to detect the IR LED on my outdoor power meter and use that pulse to trigger an interrupt inside.
To simulate the basics of interrupts I plug my Photon in and touch the 3.3v and D2 pin together.

If you show what you got and explain what the devices doesn't do, you might get some useful feedback.

There are several things "obscure" here

What do you expect?

Have you set the pinMode() right?
Have you selected the correct trigger edge?

Hi, thanks for replying. I was fumbling with my iPhone and accidentally published this. This was to have been my first post. I solved this issue last night.
Now all I have to do is use one of the analog inputs so I can pick off a trigger at a lower voltage level. (I was using D2 as an input PULLDOWN) .
Now it works well, but won’t have such a nice trigger comming in as the signal generator gives me.
Thanks for answering so quickly.

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