Problem Local Compiling in Particle Dev

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Finally got my Photon and my VS1053 Breakout and hooked it all up. Working in the WebIDE I grabbed the player_simple and setup a new App. I noticed that the VS1053 library is not among the Community available libraries so I added it as a private library. When I verify the code I get the following error:

sd-card-library/sd-info.h:40:15: error: redefinition of 'const uint8_t CMD0’
uint8_t const CMD0 = 0X00;

I didn’t see any mention of such an error by anyone in this thread. Any help would be appreciated.

@JerseyTechGuy, you need to add exactly the files I have in the github for all libraries (VS1053, SD). Using Particle CLI or DEV is the easiest way to compile since you put the entire repo into a single directory and compile the directory. :wink:

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Thanks @peekay123. I just installed Particle Dev and will give that a try. Thanks for the quick response.

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I am having a heck of a time compiling. I don’t know if it’s an environmental issue or what. I am running Windows 10. I installed the Windows Version of Particle Dev. Downloaded the Local Compile package. I installed everything I needed for Docker and that was quite a pain on Windows 10 but Docker is there. I copied the necessary settings from Docker to the compiler settings in DEV. Now I know this is properly linked because when I reboot and don’t start the Docker VM, DEV tells me I am missing Docker (so that’s a good thing).

Next I download and unzipped the library from github. Opened that folder in DEV. Everytime I click Compile Locally DEV Crashes with an “Editor has crashed” message.

I also tried getting Particle-CLI installed but that seems more of a struggle. So many dependencies (Node, git, etc) and I can’t seem to get CLI to install.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

@JerseyTechGuy, search the community or start another topic please to keep this one specific to the VS1053. :grinning:

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I will start a new topic. Thought it was part of this topic since I cannot compile your VS1053 driver and perhaps someone has/had the same issue. Thanks.

@JerseyTechGuy, I believe it is more an issue of your compile environment than the code itself.