Powering my photon

Dear all,

today I’m here with an other question (no software question)…I try to power my photon next to a powermeter within the fusebox to count pulses from the powermeter.
The is no socket in that fusebox…

I have two options :wink: There ist a belltransformer that offers 6/8/12V but it is 6V and not between 3.6V and 5.5V.
The second option is a spare networkcabel in the fusebox that is about 7 meter long and ends near to a socket…
I tried to use the networkcable with a common USB charger, but the photon doesn’t seem to like that…sometimes it starts up and gets online (but only for a short period of time) sometimes it doesn’t… then I could only see the main led in some white with red color…

Any ideas what I can do?
Thanks for your ideas in advance

Even if your bell transformer offered 5V, I’d guess it would not give you 5V DC, or if DC, then unfiltered.
But I’m pretty positive, that you can get a 5VCD supply for fuse box mount, but again, you’d need to make sure it’s properly filtered.

While I would not go with the “network” cable for different reasons, could it be that the problems you see with it come from a poor quality power supply not providing enough power and/or poorly filtered DC?
Furthermore how is the reception inside your fuse box? Is it a metal case?
How far are you from your AP?

Hi ScruffR,

It is a really really old fusebox :wink: No metal, but wood. Great Wifi reception :wink: about 7 meters from AP.
The problem with the network cable: Maybe the poor/cheap power suply (but I only had that one here…) or and I think that could also be the problem the 7 meters “network” cable - maybe to long?
But the same USB charging adapter used with a normal USB cable is working…

If I search for a fuse box mount power supply - how can I see that it is properly filtered?

If the datasheet doesn’t state it, it usually isn’t :wink:
Once you found one, you might want to inquire before ordering, or you add your own fiters.
Another thing might be the Particle Power Shield or the SparkFun Battery Shield.