Power Supply for Photon

I’ll be connecting AMS iaq-core c, DHT22, MQ6, PIR Motion Sensor, GY-BMP280 Pressure Sensor, LDR, Dust Sensor (PPD42NS or GP2Y1010AU0F), an accelerometer, vibration switch & a bluetooth module…

For powering these I’m considering buying:

@ScruffR @peekay123 Would anyone suggest me otherwise?

Can you suggest a power supply? Like the one I could also use with my final completed product…

Forgot to mention…
I’ll be adding a piezo buzzer and
8x8 64 LED Matrix WS2812 LED 5050 RGB Full-Color Driver Board - 2 Nos
8x5 40 LED Matrix WS2812 LED 5050 RGB Full-Color Driver Board - 2 Nos

@ilak2k, have you done a power budget for all that hardware? How long do you expect/need you battery to operate for? I am assuming you know that the BEC is a DC-to-DC unit and is not a “wall” charger. What is your primary power source?

By far the biggest current consumers will be the LED Matrix and the MQ6 sensor (heater) though the other devices add up. Are you controlling the power to your sensors? How do you plan to use this system?

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Hi @peekay123
Thanks for your response. I’m so lost here…

Power Budget, didn’t do for every component:
However, I measured current, from Vin to the Components when I had the following connected via photon’s Vin:

  1. DHT22 (will later connect to Photon’s 3.3V)
  2. PIR Motion Sensor (Will later connect to Photon’s 3.3V)
  3. LDR (will later connect to Photon’s 3.3V)
  4. PPD42NS Dust Sensor (will have to use Vin)
  5. MQ6 (will have to use Vin)
    and measured current around 165mA…

This doesn’t include the current required to power:

  1. Photon itself (200-400 mA, powered via Micro USB)
  2. LED Matrix (2.4 Amps to 7.2 Amps, at full brightness. But I think, I’ll not use more than 20-30% brightness overall)
  3. AMS iAQ_Core C (Max. 66mW @ 3.3VDC (20mA)), (will connect to Photon’s 3.3V)
  4. AMS iAQ_Core P (Max. 9mW @ 3.3VDC (20mA)) (will connect to Photon’s 3.3V)
  5. Accelerometer (few mA), (will connect to Photon’s 3.3V)
  6. Bluetooth Module (few mA), (will connect to Photon’s 3.3V)
  7. Sound module (few mA), (will connect to Photon’s 3.3V)
  8. SD Card Module, (will connect to Photon’s 3.3V)
    so we need to add these too…

In case of a power outage, I expect the battery to provide backup for 6-8hrs… If I decide to control power to the sensors, would it ultimately make the device run for a month or two? And how do I control power? With a relay?

Primary Power Sources:
NILLKIN USB POWER CHARGER - 2.0 AMP from here: http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00J23KKH4
Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 18W USB Turbo Wall Charger Fast Charger Black from here: http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00QEX83LA
Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 42W 3 Ports USB Desktop Charging Station Wall Charger Black, from here: http://www.amazon.in/dp/B00VHHIUNY
This has 3 ports, may be we can use them all, instead of loading one port with all devices? One port for Photon & sensors. One for LED Matrix and one reserve?
5V 8A Power Supply Charger Adaptor, from here:
Even though this meets the power requirements, this one’s bulky, has a regular DC Pin and not the Micro USB, so I couldn’t use this directly with the LiPo chargers or photon, right?

I’m considering the Aukey & NILLKIN chargers, because they’re high quality, certified, branded, regular chargers, commonly used and available everywhere. And its also easier for people to find replacements, in case of failures.

LiPo Charger:
Adafruit USB LiIon/LiPoly Charger v1.2 5V Input Charge 3.7/4.2v Battery
Adafruit Powerboost 1000C
Is 1A or 2A sufficient? Also, I’ll have to implement an optional BATTERY MODE… And limit the functions of the device by, controlling power to the sensors, dimming/turning off the LED Matrix and also increase sampling intervals for the sensors.

LiPo Battery:
A compatible LiPo Battery. 2500-4000mah?
Or should I prefer something like the blue cylindrical ones from Adafruit?

Absolutely! I’m actually assuming this will provide me a stable 5V/3A max clean power from my cheapo 9V and 12V 1A Power Adapters, that I got here from the local market, for $4 approx… But its not necessary for the UBEC to be included with my current project. I’m just getting this to try and use it… see if I could observe a difference…

Device Usage:
I’m trying to read Temperature, Humidity, CO2, TVOC, Dust, Motion Detection, LPG Leak Detection, Ambient Light & Noise Levels. I need photon to read and update these values to the LED Matrix locally & Blynk (or) thingspeak (or) ubidots (or) to an equivalent IOT cloud service over WiFi. And while offline, let it display values via LED Matrix and probably store these values offline to an SD Card and post them to the cloud when the device comes back online.

What I need to know?
Will these components match & be sufficient for photon and other mentioned devices?
Depending on the use case, can you suggest me a power supply solution for this purpose?
Can we control power to sensors with photon using maybe a Relay Module?