Power Shield Quiescent Current

I am looking at a battery powered application that will be in deep sleep mode the vast majority of the time. I would like to use the Particle Power Shield … and wonder what regulator is being used and what is its quiescent current draw.

I think the power shield is fed to the Vin pin , so uses the photon’s regulator.

It takes a different range of input voltage than the Particle … so I don’t think that can be true.

@KenBiba, the power shield has two power inputs for providing power to charge the battery and power the Photon: USB and a 2-terminal screw connector.

The 2-terminal connector goes to an RT8259GE step-down converter with an input voltage of 7-24V and an output of +5V that goes to the battery charger IC.

The battery charger, a TI BQ24030 takes the USB 5V and the 5V from the step-down and manages the power path (based on available voltage and current) to charge the battery and/or power the Photon via it Vin pin.

An additional MAX1704X battery fuel gauge is used to monitor the battery stats via SPI.

You can get the eagle files for the power shield here. :grinning:

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