Deep Sleep with Photon + Power Shield


I am building a photon enabled device which is battery driven and which uses Particles Power Shield. This device is in deep sleep until someone presses a button to wake the device up. I’ve taken a look at the MAX17044 Datasheet (Fuel Gauge) and it says that in normal mode the chip consumes an average of 70ua but in sleep mode current goes down to just 3ua …

So question is -> Does setting sleep mode on photon automatically sets sleep mode on fuel gauge AND will my photon still get power from the Power Shield if it (the power shield or fuel gauge) is set to sleep?

Also in the Datasheet of the Fuel Gauge chip there is a section about setting sleep mode and it seems that for setting the sleep mode all you have to do is set SDL and SCL to GND!? Is this correct? And is this automatically the case when the Photon is set to deep sleep?

So basically I want to use as less current as possible during sleep but I need to use Photon + Power Shield to monitor Charge when back from sleep and to allow charging via USB.