Possible to run relay shield using 6V?

I just recieved my SC and Relay shield and have a question. I want to use it to power a 6V motor, but don’t want to have to have multiple power supplies. I know the shield says 7V-15V, but looking at the spec sheet for the voltage regulator I didn’t see where the 7V min came from. The motor is 30mA at 6V.

Where do you get the 6V from?
Wouldn’t it be easier to use a standard 12V power supply, and then use a voltage regulator (7806) to regulate it down to 6V?
(Just an idea though, there might be better alternatives out there)

I looked at the schematic for the Relay shield and the Power supplied is passed to the Regulator and provide +5V to the rest of the circuitry.

You can try powering the Relay shield with the 6V power supply and wire it to one relay to control the motor.

It might, however be a little unstable when the relay and motor draws too much current, causing the entire system to restart or something of that sort.

Be sure the power supply if beefy enough to provide let’s say minimum 1A of current? :smile:

Just a thought… if the system is unstable with a 6V supply, use a 7V supply and put a diode or 2 in series with the motor. Each diode will drop a volt or so depending on the diode.

On page 6 of the datasheet for the AP1509 it states a minimum of 7v input for the 5v version of the chip, and there is already a diode in line between the input so 6v less the 0.6v drop of the B230 diode… you are really pushing it I think.

What sort of supply is the 6v coming from?

Thanks for all of your replies. I don’t have a 6V power supply currently, but was just putting the build list together, and it seems that I will be better off using a higher voltage power supply and dropping it down for the motor. Maybe I can even do it the other way around, and run the motor off of the 5V that is the output of the regulator.

It’s probably more important to consider what voltage the motor needs to run on than trying to figure out the other way around? :wink: