Possible Number of Cloud Functions


I’ve just been reading the documentation for exposing functions to the cloud.
I note the line

Currently the application supports the creation of up to 4 different cloud functions.

Is this a hard limitation due to available resources? Or subject to change later on?
I can see my application possibly requiring around 10 functions to be called from the cloud. I’m imagining things like ‘set time zone’ and ‘enable/disable system’ as just a couple of potential uses that may be called from an app for example.


To elaborate on what MisterNetwork is “saying”, you can setup a function that parses your own format to multiplex multiple functions into 1 spark function. I personally prefer to use strtok and delimiters, but you could string parse the way he is doing too.

AFAIK, there is no way to add more functions to the cloud service, but you really only need one to call as many of your own functions as you want. With the limitation that your data fits into 64 bytes, as that seems to be the length for the function parameter string.

Ok thanks very much for the answers guys, I’ll have a look! :slight_smile:

On the photon since v0.4.4, there is room for many cloud variables and functions. We haven’t set an upper limit yet, but I think we can guarantee 10 functions and 20 variables, with more being available depending upon how your application uses resources.

The limiting factor is the length of the variable/function name, so shorter names will allow more. Memory is also a limiting factor, but with over 60K free RAM on the photon, this won’t be an issue for functions and variables, which require less than 100 bytes each.

Thanks @mdma, so do you mean to say that 0.4.4 will support up to 10 functions right now? (Providing nothing else is using a lot of memory).