Poll: What are you building?

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  • A maker project
  • A maker project that I hope will be a product
  • A product for a startup
  • A project for work
  • A project for school
  • Something else (list in comments!)

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You forgot “A project for spouse”!


I’m thinking we need a whole separate discussion topic for “Romantic Electronics Gifts For Your Significant Other” :smile:


Or just “Appliance Monitor” for short!

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Hmm, are we not allowed to make a project for the hobby?
I do. Altrough in the long run maybe a startup.

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Playing around with my photon at the moment trying to see what it will do, i have an arduino nano acting as a gps with constant display, would like to use the photon for much the same but available to query from the internet.

That would be a ‘maker project’ :wink:

Check out this topic/library, a google maps example included :wink:

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@Moors7 okaydo, voted

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A glorified thermostat! with peltier heater and web browser based controls and monitor using local cloud. though plans include to automate my whole lab (chemistry) slowly. coupled with pH meters etc which i can monitor any time.


A year ago i had a problem in my basement. Water found its way in from the outside, through the foundation. To make things worse, the infiltration occurred right next to the electrical panel. Anyway, it got fixed from the outside and everything is cool now, but i always wonder if it will happen again.

So, my project involves building a “basement flood monitor”, where the Photon has a DHT22 Temperature/Humidity sensor, two water sensors and a buzzer interfaced to it. I want to make this “monitor” watch out for a potential re-occurance of water infiltration.

The “monitor” will send the data to my own Raspberry Pi web server for data collection. I’m working closely with my cousin (who is a wiz at programming) to figure out how to display this data in a useful way…

If you guys have ideas …shoot me a post !


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With something as ‘critical’ as that, you might want to consider push notifications, so you can act as soon as possible. IFTTT is an okay start, but there are other options available as well. Doing that, you can even bypass the Pi. A buzzer might only be useful if it can be heard outside the basement, so that might be redundant.
Using different kinds of sensors might also be beneficial. I’ve got one of those PCB trace sensors, as well as a metal float sensor. Redundancy is good for these applications. It also helps rule out false positives if the trace one get some drops of water on it accidentally.

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Just messing about :wink:

A product called Ari & a product called Walter.


An BLE (central mode) <> WiFi gateway using MQTT ( thanks a lot @peekay123 :smiley: )


Cool, I’m working on a similar project too! I’m currently using IFTTT for and google drive for data logging. And, I haven’t gotten to the water sensor yet, but I want to have it email if there is water. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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Yeah it’s going to be great hopefully. Now i’m working on also integrating my Philips Hue lights into the mix. I want them to start flashing red if the water infiltration occurs. My condo is on three floors and I have Philips Hue lights on all floors… so that would be a nice addition. I working on this using web hooks …but I hit a wall with the JSON request to handle my lightbulbs…

Anyway… as soon as I have everything working I will write a nice post with everything detailed…photos, code everything.